Udaipur City Rajasthan

by Rohit Rathore
Udaipur City Rajasthan

Udaipur City Rajasthan

Udaipur City Rajasthan, also known as the “City of Lakes”, is a city in the state of Rajasthan, India. It is the historic capital of the kingdom of Mewar in the former Rajputana Agency. It was founded in 1559 by Udai Singh II of the Sisodia clan of Rajput, when he shifted his capital from the city of Chittorgarh to Udaipur City Rajasthan after Chittorgarh was besieged by Akbar.

It remained as the capital city till 1818 when it became a British princely state, and thereafter the Mewar province became a part of Rajasthan when India gained independence in 1947.

The city is located in the southernmost part of Rajasthan, near the Gujarat border. It is surrounded by the Aravali Range, which separates it from the Thar Desert. It is around 660 km from Delhi and approximately 800 km from Mumbai, placed almost in the middle of two major Indian metro cities.

Besides, connectivity with Gujarat ports provide Udaipur City a strategic geographical advantage. Udaipur City Rajasthan is well connected with nearby cities and states by means of road, rail and air transportation facilities. The city is served by the Maharana Pratap Airport. Common languages spoken include Hindi, English and Rajasthani.

Udaipur City was founded in 1559, by Maharana Udai Singh II in the fertile circular Girwa Valley to the southwest of Nagda, on the Banas River. The city was established as the new capital of the Mewar kingdom. This area already had a thriving trading town, Ayad, which had served as the capital of Mewar in the 10th through 12th centuries.

The Girwa region was thus already well known to Chittaud rulers who moved to it whenever the vulnerable tableland Chittaurgarh was threatened with enemy attacks. Rana Udai Singh II, in the wake of 16th-century emergence of artillery warfare, decided during his exile at Kumbhalgarh to move his capital to a more secure location.

Ayad was flood-prone, hence he chose the ridge east of Pichola Lake to start his new capital city, where he came upon a hermit while hunting in the foothills of the Aravalli Range. The hermit blessed the king and guided him to build a palace on the spot, assuring him it would be well protected.

Udai Singh II consequently established a residence on the site. In November 1567, the Mughal Emperor Akbar conquered Chittor. To protect Udaipur City Rajasthan from external attacks, Rana Udai Singh built a six kilometer long city wall, with seven gates, namely Surajpole, Chandpole, Udiapole, Hathipole, Ambapole, Brahmpole and so on. The area within these walls and gates is still known as the old city or the walled city.

What is Udaipur City Rajasthan famous for?

Udaipur City Rajasthan, the beautiful capital of Mewar, Rajasthan, is a royal tourist destination for travelers who love history, culture and architecture. It is quite a renowned destination owing to its massive palaces, ancient forts, beautiful lakes, lush green gardens, age-old temples, romantic backdrops and so much more.

Are 2 days enough for Udaipur City Rajasthan?

Two days are more than enough to let the beauty of Udaipur City Rajasthan envelop you. Here’re the places to eat, stay and visit once there.

What food is famous in Udaipur City Rajasthan?

  • Best Street Food Places in Udaipur City Rajasthan
  • Dal Poodi/Daal Baati at Manoj Prakash. Dal Bati.
  • Pav Bhaji at Pandit. Pav Bhaji.
  • Vada Pav and Dabeli at Shankar. Vada Pav.
  • Falooda at Sindhi Falooda. Falooda.
  • Bun Maska at Chaifeteria. Bun Maska is best enjoyed with tea.
  • Chai at Kamlesh Tea Stall.
  • Chow Mein at Pokahara.
  • Momos at Meals on Wheels.

Is Udaipur City Rajasthan safe?

Safety: Udaipur City Rajasthan is generally regarded as being extremely safe. It is advisable to avoid dimly lit areas at night.

Is Udaipur City Rajasthan clean?

The Lake City of Rajasthan, Udaipur City Rajasthan, has been ranked as the cleanest city in the state with a population of less than 10 lakh under the Swachh Survekshan 2020, the Central government’s annual survey, announced on Thursday.

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